"A Successful Webinar in 6-Weeks Or Less, Guarnteed!"

6-Week Webinar Master Class

"I want to thank you again, for investing in my Offline Webinar Formula 2.0 training and I want to make sure that you are successful so whatever I can do to make that happen, I want to make sure I do. - Anthony Flatt"

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Why Do You Need A 6-Week Webinar Master Class ?

In the last couple of years thousands of people have bought training programs on how to do Webinars.

We know that most of those people never completed their webinar or completed and presented a poor quality webinar that failed to produce the results they were looking for.

So how do you guarantee you will be able to complete your webinar?

How do you guarantee that you will build your webinar properly and not get stuck, not get tripped up on some small technical issues that you just cannot figure out?

How do you set a deadline, then put in all the work that is required and at the end of that deadline know that you will actually have a successful webinar?

The best way I can think of to help guarantee your webinar success is for me to personally help you create your webinar

So that is what I am going to do for you with this final one-time special offer -

I know that anyone that wants to have a successful webinar can easily be ready from start to finish in 6-Weeks or Less if they have a good game plan.

So I am going to give you a my game plan to follow and I am going to meet with you once a week live for 6-Weeks to make sure you’re not stuck and your following the game plan.

Each week we will have an Ask-Me-Anything session and I will be there to personally answering any questions you have

This is huge in helping make sure you are following the game plan and have all the help you need to Launch your webinar in 6-weeks or less.

Additionally, I will provide you with a personal critique of your webinar presentation and I will either send you written notes, do a video review or schedule a call to review with you live.

At least one student per week will also receive a detailed review of their webinar presentation during the Webinar Master Class.

This is my Bribe to you to help make sure you follow through and launch your webinar in 6-Weeks or Less

So, if you want me to give you my webinar game plan and personally work with you to help guarantee you launch your webinar in 6-Weeks or Less then click the “Let’s Get Started” button below

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Why You Must Get Started Today

This is the only time I can guarantee the 6-Week Webinar Master Class will be available at this low price.

Waiting and not getting started today costs you two ways:

First, the longer you go without the help you will need, the weaker you will be in all areas of your Webinar marketing.

Second, I be committing a lot of my personal time to make sure you launch your webinar in 6-Weeks or less so I am not sure I will have time to offer this 6-Week Webinar Master Class again in the future, if I do the price will defiantly go up.

So, get started today by investing in the 6-Week Webinar Master Class and I look forward to helping you launch your Webinar in 6-Weeks or less.

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60-Day Money Back Guarntee

And remember, just like with Offline Webinar Formula 2.0 and Webinar Success Templates there’s NO RISK to you, because there’s a 60-Day, no questions asked Money Back Guarantee

Here Is Just A Taste Of What You Will  Learn How To Do...

Week #1: 6-Weeks to your Webinar

  • How to Implement the most important elements of a high-converting registration page
  • We will create a high-converting registration page together and I'll show you what elements you can't afford to leave out
  • Create a compelling email notifications that 'sell' your webinar so more people attend
  • I'll show you how to sell your webinar and ensure your registrants know how much value they will be missing if they don't attend
  • Maximize your replays and get more attendees and new leads automatically

Week #2: 5-Weeks to your Webinar

  • Q&A for Offline Webinar Formula 2.0, Webinar Success Templates and Any Additional Questions you have
  • How do you pick the perfect Webinar topic?
  • How do you write a headline that boost Webinar registrations?
  • How to create a Webinar invitation that drives registrations?
  • What content makes for a great Webinar presentation?
  • Plus Bonus Training that will help increase your online and offline sales

Week #3: 4-Weeks to your Webinar

  • How do you select a Webinar platform?
  • What are the 6 key things your Webinar registration page needs to have?
  • How do you multiply the creitability of your Webinar?
  • How do you structure your Webinar content the right way?
  • What are 5 Ways in addition to Email to promote your Webinar?

Week #4: 3-Weeks to your Webinar

  • How To Create Your Registration Funnel
  • How To Create Your Registration Squeeze Page
  • How To Create Your Confirmation Page
  • How To Test Your Webinar Funnel
  • Track your conversions and make the right adjustments in your next webinar
  • You can't improve your conversion rates if you don't track them. I will show you how and what to look for after each webinar

Week#5: 2-Weeks to your Webinar

  • How do I write a Webinar Headline?
  • How do I write a Webinar Description?
  • Get more people to attend your webinar with a high-converting thank you page
  • Look over my shoulder as I craft a high-converting Thank You page to make sure those who register, show up to my webinar
  • Market you webinar for free and get targeted attendees with $0 spent

Week #6: 1-Week to your Webinar

  • Do you provide a webinar replay?
  • What do you send to the Webinar attendees after the Webinar?
  • What do you send to the Webinar registrations after the Webinar?
  • What are 10 Smart Ways to Repurpose Webinars?
  • You will learn how to get more registrants with our built-in marketing system. Get more targeted registrants without paying a dime
  • Replays are seriously under-utilized. I'll show you how to leverage them to get more sales and leads after every webinar

It Gets Better STILL…

As an additional bonus, I will teach you some of my best strategies, formulas or methods each week. These have never been released to the public. I use these today and have only taught them to a small group of VIP Clients. I will teach some of the following:

  • My "Fast Start Formula" for creating anything digital, FAST
  • My "LinkedIn Method" for finding and connecting with high ticket customers automatically
  • My "Ultimate GURU Swipe Strategy" that gives me an endless supply of email copy
  • My "Digital Brain Dump Formula" for getting everything out of your head and into a form that you can use
  • My "Offline Triple Play Follow-up Method" that is working like gangbusters today, that nobody's talking about
  • My “Being the other 3%” Strategy that allowed me to succeed even though my friends and colleagues failed

Webinar Master Class-1 Payment of


Yours, Anthony Flatt


P.S. If you skipped down to the bottom, here is everything summed up:

You are getting a personal guide to help you launch your webinar in 6-weeks or less and everything I am going to help you do is proven to work in the real world.

This means not only do you have all the tools in the Offline Webinar Formula 2.o and all the templates in Webinar Success Templates you have me to personally walk you through everything you need to know to launch your webinar in 6-weeks or less.

I will answer every  question you have and I will share even more of my best webinar tips, tricks and tactics.

So purchase the 6-Week Webinar Master Class right now risk-free.

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